Patches for gatling 0.13/0.14 (by fefe).

Additional features

gatling_0.14_dirlisting_index_noindex.patch modifies directory listing. if you disable directory listing on command line, you can still activate it for individual folders or subfolders, just by creating a file named ".index" in this folder. Also if you add a file named ".noindex", this overwrites this setting again and there will no index be shown at all.

gatling_0.14_dirlisting_stylesheet.patch adds a html5 header with reference to the stylesheet "index.css" for directory listing function, so co can design your listing just by placing this file in the current folder and build some fancy stuff around this. first a index.css is loaded from vhost root-directory, then and as a second resource, a index.css from the current folder will be loaded, so you can overwrite global settings in subfolders. important: gatling won't check if those file exists, so you will get a 404 error, if there is no index.css at all.

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